Elisa & Lorena

“Serena, a certainty. Patient, professional, she was my accomplice, ready to satisfy your needs by giving you the best guidance! She’s always available, really available, when you need her! As we live far from Apulia, we decided to trust her for our wedding, and it was the top of the top. She did a fantastic job together with her staff: an unforgettable day with attention to all its details! She doesn’t leave anything to chance, and at the same time she tries anything possible to satisfy every request! Serena really cares about every little detail being perfect, and she’s fantastic at managing it! The woman with a thousand solutions! She’s always available and she’s ready to unravel every doubt! She’s an unparalleled anchor! Choosing her was one of the best things we could do! We were so lucky to meet her! Really, thank you very much.”